1) Dutch translation now available; 2) Atheism’s irrationality March 3, 2012

1) The Dutch translation of “Who made God?” is now available on-line to buyers world-wide from www.bol.com (http://www.bol.com/nl/p/nederlandse-boeken/wie-heeft-god-gemaakt/9200000002307317/index.html) or http://www.postorderboekhandel.nl/object/9789063181390/Wie_heeft_God_gemaakt/ _______________________________________
2) “Generations with Vision” have just posted an audio interview on the irrationality of atheism and its treatment in my book “Who made God? Searching for a theory of everything”. The link is: http://generationswithvision.com/broadcast/the-ultimate-question%E2%80%94what-explains-everything/.
Please note that as posted the last few minutes of the interview are missing. The downloaded version is complete and can be found here Home schooling radio interview gr20120302 .
The website’s editorial runs as follows:
Answering the 21st Century skeptic

The proud mind of the modern academic skeptic espouses an atheism and agnosticism that do not comport well at all with what we know about reality. Here Professor Edgar Andrews, emeritus professor at the University of London, interacts with some of the typical arguments posed by modern atheists such as Richard Dawkins. The vast number of unanswered questions and internal contradictions in unbelieving systems leads us to ask the question, “Do they really have a theory that holds the whole system together?” They don’t. We do.