Dutch edition wows NT scholar (update) January 25, 2012

I am pleased to say that the Dutch translation of Who made God? is now complete and due to be published in March 2012. The managing translator Eddy Maatkamp writes as follows;

“I sent the Dutch PDF edition of the book before publication to one of my acquaintances who’s professor of New Testament in Belgium and here is his initial reaction, after having only read the foreword and your introduction To get you started:

‘Wow! What an enthralling initiative! I have only read the first pages and not even the first chapters yet, but I am already won over! Yes, I would very much appreciate a copy so I can point others to this book!’

Since he’s professor at a Belgian university, I’m sure the book will also do well over there. Let’s hope so!”

Subsequently the friend in question e-mailed to say, “please feel free to use my name”. He is Professor Gie Vleugels whose details can be found at:


Of course, Prof. Vleugels could change his mind when he reads the rest of the book! But the encouraging thing to me is that the initial impression is such as to make him read on enthusiastically. Since the main target audience for Who made God? is the person-in-the-street who would not normally be concerned with the Christian message or biblical worldview, the initial engagement of the reader’s mind (whoever the reader might be) is vital to the book’s evangelistic purpose.