TV interview and phone-in June 8, 2010

I will be giving a live interview relating to “Who made God?” on Thursday 10 June on Revelation TV (UK) which can be accessed (I’m told) at Sky Guide 581 and Freesat 692. The program can also be watched on-line on The “live nine” program runs from 9 to 10 p.m. and involves phone-in and e-mail discussion.


Here is a selection of comments made to Professor Andrews along with his responses.


Andrew, I’ll try to keep the English humor intact! Translation has just begun this week, and I’ll keep you up to date on our progress.


Many thanks Eddy … it will be a challenge but I’m delighted that you will try. Good to know that the translation has begun!

Edgar Andrews

Axeman says, “causality is an illusion in a quantum universe”. The evidence for that is? That we don’t know a cause cannot be construed as there not being one. My own reading of Quantum Mechanics indicates a much lower level of confidence in the relevant science than Axeman is suggesting. I would have thought that the best description of a physical event without an apparent physical cause would be: a miracle! What words would you use to describe an event without an antecedent something? Hey Presto?
Congratulations, Professor Andrews, on another excellent book, Who Made God. It is a worthy sequel to God, Science & Evolution, and Christ and The Cosmos. I look forward to future writings by you, soon I hope.


Many thanks Wayne. I fully agree with your critique of Quantum Mechanics (and thus of Axeman’s claim). I don’t think the problems Einstein had with QM have ever been resolved … we have just got used to living with them.

Edgar Andrews

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