General bookstore gets interested December 22, 2009

Books like “Who made God?” are not usually stocked by general or secular bookstores in UK but we have found that a little pressure can change this situation. We began by giving a copy of the book to the owner of our local bookshop and followed it up a week or two later by offering to pay for a display to be mounted. The owner liked the book so much that he refused any payment and ordered 15 copies for what he intended as a short display. However, the book sold so well that he ordered another 20 copies and then yet another 15 … all in the space of about 3 weeks. We did help by providing a small “point-of-sale” poster (copies available … please make requests on the “comments” page).

One result of this was that a complete stranger riding an escalator with me said “I’ve seen you somewhere before”. When I introduced myself he said, “I’m reading your book … it’s really entertaining and I’m going to share it with my friends!”