The year’s ‘most important book’? November 21, 2009

Joe Fleener blogging on comments on “Who made God?” as follows: 

‘It is nearing the end of the year and although I have long lost count of how many books I have read this year, I have without a doubt just finished the best and likely most important book (other than the Bible) I have read this year.

      I will be writing a formal review of the book for Themelios to be published next year, so I will have much more to say soon. However, I really can’t wait until then to say “Buy this book and read it.”

      I really cannot think of another book that so effectively shatters all of the major arguments — from biology, to physics, to psychology, to just the average street-level atheist — against the Biblical account of God and His Creation, the whole time pointing the reader directly to the Gospel of Christ as the only hope for man!’