In the market place November 11, 2009

A Christian book enthusiast tells me that she runs a small stall in her local market place from which she sells books. When she introduced “Who made God?” to the range on offer, every copy on display was snapped up in a single session.

This supports the belief that if this book is made visible to the general public it will attract buyers and so reach out into the non-Christian world … where atheistic evolution gets saturation coverage in the mass media and in schools and colleges. “Who made God?” can be a strategic weapon in the war against atheism and unbelief and thus in the propagation of the biblical gospel. It’s no accident that Amazon have on their own initiative placed it in their “Christianity/evangelism” category (where it still stands at #2 best-seller).

 So what about helping us to raise the visibility of this book? Here are some possible ways of doing so:

1. Make sure your local Christian bookshop both stocks it and displays it prominently (if it doesn’t try some persuasion!)

2. Order copies through your local secular bookshop. Don’t be put off if they say that their wholesaler doesn’t stock it … they can still get it as a special order and this will bring it to the attention of the wholessaler. If several of your friends go to the same bookshop independently and order it, some action could ensue!

3. If you have access to the internet, log on to or in USA to, search for the book by title, click on the cover to access the dedicated page, and post a reader’s review (while ticking other reviews with which you agree). You can only post a review if you have an account with Amazon, that is, if you have bought books from them on-line in the past or are willing to buy a book (any book) to give you access to this facility.

4. Give copies to the science and religious education staff of your local school or college.

5. Request your local library to obtain a copy.

And if you have any other ideas please post a reply/comment on this website!