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Here is a selection of comments made to Professor Andrews along with his responses.

Looking forward to ordering this book . My son’s friends have a very biased view concerning the concept of evolution due to the high school teaching they have received. Militant Atheism is on the rise and we need to realize our faith is not based on tales that are comparable to the Easter bunny .


I only got 2/3 of the way through the God Delusion and when I read that the central tenet of the whole book is that God is ‘improbable’ I was baffled as to how this man Dawkins has achieved such immense popularity with such appallingly bad thinking. And there are droves of his followers too.

Thank you so much for providing a credible voice against this dead-end philosophy of the new-atheism. And such a jolly read too. I wonder if there is anything I might do to help your cause?

Tim Holton

Tim; thank you for your kind comments which are much appreciated. As for ways to help, our greatest need is to get the book out among the general public … it was written primarily for the person-in-the-street whose thinking has been moulded by the evolutionary atheism promoted by the mass media. Christians can help in many ways; getting their churches to recognise the book as an evangelistic resource; persuading their local secular bookshops to stock and display the book (I did this at my own local bookshop who were amazed that it turned out to be a ‘best-seller’); by writing to the local and national press on appropriate occasions citing the book (e.g in response to newspaper articles promoting evolutionary atheism); and if they feel strongly enough, paying for an advert for the book in a local newspaper (or monthly glossy magazine thereof; I can provide printer-ready copy). Another important way is to give a copy of the book to your local school (c/o head of science) and ask local libraries to get a copy.

Edgar Andrews

Edgar – thanks for the notes. I’ll get on to those right away. Certainly I’ll prompt the church to get hold of some copies, and I’ll ask the Rugby Christian Bookshop to get it in stock if not already. I often write to the local press so I’ll bear that in mind. And I’ll send a copy to my boys’ school (Lawrence Sheriff). If all that goes well I’ll fork out a few quid for a promo in the newspaper too.

Tim Holton

I just ordered this book and I am very anxious to read it. As a Christian I think that there is validity in both science and faith. As one author once put it, the similarity in DNA between mammals is less a sign of Darwinism as it is the signature of a single creator.


Thanks relgamaro for your message. If you like what you read you could put a short ‘review’ on Amazon. You are absolutely right when you say that the common DNA basis of life can be interpreted in different ways, and just how we interpret the findings of science will depend on our ‘world-view’ (where we’re coming from). In “Who made God?” I have tried to present a biblical world-view and thus a biblical understanding of science and its discoveries.

Edgar Andrews

Dear Professor Andrews,

I am particularly enjoying ‘Who Made God?’ I have read a number of books responding to the ‘new’ atheism that have been quite helpful, but I found your book showed the strength of the Biblical world view, rather than just the possibility of a ‘God’ existing.

What is the chance of you creating something similar for younger readers. I am a youth leader and I think something for 11-14 year olds would be helpful.

God bless,

Steve Carroll

Steve Carroll


Very many thanks for your kind comment, which is much appreciated. Many years ago in 1978 I wrote a book entitled “From nothing to nature” which is still in print and which was designed specially for the age-group you mention. It is, of course, out of date on some topics but could quite easily be updated. You might like to take a look at it and let me know what you think. It doesn’t have the strong biblical-worldview emphasis of “Who made God?” however, and in this respect would need major revision. But I would appreciate your comments.

Edgar Andrews

I began to watch the short film, but as soon as you used the word atheist/atheism I realised that you have no true understanding of what the word meant when Paul used it. He only used it once and the original meaning is a far cry from what it has been twisted to mean in this generation. I have yet to hear or read anything by anyone that gives to true sense of the word.


Thanks Huw but you don’t tell us what you think Paul meant by “atheism” nor do you explain why I am wrong to use it in its modern sense (which is how we all normally use words). Can you enlighten us? Strong’s concordance gives the meaning of ‘without God’ (atheos) in Eph. 2:12 as;
1) without God, knowing and worshipping no God
2) denying the gods, esp. the recognised gods of the state
3) godless, ungodly
4) abandoned by the gods
I use the word in the first of these sense. What’s so wrong about that?

Edgar Andrews

I am looking forward to read this book. It’s a great book. I would request Edgar Andrews to publish a translation of “who made god” in bengali (I am from Bangladesh) as this book is of great benefit. I am really grateful to you for writing this great book. Thanks


Thanks softfreak for your kind comments, they are much appreciated. Translations into other languages are welcome but we cannot initiate these … someone really fluent in both English and the ‘target’ language needs to undertake the task of translation and also satisfy the publisher EP Books that he/she would be able to distribute and sell the translated book. So this is quite demanding. But if you know an established Bengali publisher who could organize the whole thing we would be to negotiate a contract giving them the publishing rights in that language.

Edgar Andrews

Hello Dr. Andrews,
I have had trouble presenting a legitimate starting point when it came to arguing for God’s existence. Your defining of the term God has been instrumental in my approach and has allowed me to face critics and skeptic with great confidence. You have certainly become my number one source when it comes to “giving a defense” of the faith. Thank You Sir and God Bless You.


Many thanks Kilik72 for this encouragement. If you are also interested in Bible exposition some of my sermons can be found and heard on (‘recent messages’). Every blessing in Christ Jesus.

Edgar Andrews

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