Debating atheists update November 24, 2011

I have now done two debates on science and faith on UK’s Premier radio’s “unbelievable” program  (1) with atheist Robert Stovold on 26 November and (2) with evolutionist and humanist Lewis Wolpert on 3 December. Presenter Justin Brierley writes:

The discussions are proving popular online.  The first one has already had 6,400 downloads and the second one is already hot on its heels!

You can access both the shows at the Unbelievable Webpage

The direct links for both shows are:

Each debate lasts 60 minutes; the first centres on the origin of the universe and the second on the theme “Did God make man or did man make God?” Lewis Wolpert last debated at a big public affair with William Lane Craig during the latter’s lecture tour of UK.