With enemies like these who needs friends? May 6, 2011

I just saw an article in “Secular News Daily” which offers a rare atheisitic commendation of “Who made God?” With enemies like this who needs friends? (Actually, I do, but it seemed a nice catch-phrase). The comment in question reads as follows: 


“Edgar Andrews’ Who Made God? is head and shoulders above the standard of many so-called scientific Christian apologetic texts – although I personally found it pretty disconcerting to see Old Testament verses cited in support of scientific propositions! Andrews argues that Stenger’s theory is flawed because the void out of which the universe was born had no physical or material existence and so it couldn’t have had the symmetries which Stenger claims. Bizarrely Andrews goes on to claim that the best description of that void is found in the book of Isaiah.” [Victor Stenger is the author of a ‘new atheist’ book called “God, the failed hypothesis” which I review in WMG].

I also consider it a compliment that my attempt to provide a ‘theory of everything’ based on the Bible are not simply ignored but highlighted here, leaving the writer ‘disconcerted’. In my estimation that means at least that it registered and disturbed him. May it continue to do so with positive results!