“Who made God?” at Tenterden March 9, 2011

We had an excellent meeting on Saturday 5 March organised by Trinity Baptist Church in Tenterden, Kent, UK. The church provided a sit-down evening meal for 60 people, 30 church members and 30 invited by church members¬†from the community. Another 20 or so church members prepared and served! As a result I started speaking rather late, at around 9.30 pm, but everyone stayed the course of an hour’s evangelistic lecture on “Who made God?” and the stock of 25 copies of the book sold out completely. One church¬†couple sat up with their two visitors till 2.00 am discussing what they had heard. I was conscio9us of prayer for the event and for the morning service the following day when I preached on Psalm 136 … Christ in creation, salvation, provision and compassion.