Early responses to “Who made God?” November 2, 2009

The book was released in UK at the end of September and we’ve had some interesting responses. Popular author Bill Bryson responded to a complimentary copy by saying, “Thank you so much. I am immensely grateful”. Dr John Sentamu, Anglican Archbishop of York, wrote: “Thank you for sending me a copy of your book ‘Who made God?’ I note that you oppose the biologists’ evolution theory, which is accepted by very many Christians. I can see that your book is written in a very lively style and conveys complex subjects in palatable form. Although I have not been able to give it my full attention, I hope it will be a rejoinder to those atheists who imagine that they have the last word. With every blessing”. Another correspondent kindly says, “Your book will be one I will re-read again and again”.

If the Archbishop had been able to give it his full attention, of course, he would have discovered that I distinguish clearly and in detail between micro-evolution (which I accept) and macro-evolution (which I don’t). This distinction is crucial because most of the claimed evidence for evolution actually relates to micro-evolution — which occurs almost entirely within a given species to produce different varieties or races of that species and only occasionally rises to the level of speciation (the formation of new species, depending strongly on how one defines “species”). Nevertheless I am genuinely grateful to Dr Sentamu — many people in his position would not have bothered to reply at all, let alone take the trouble to actually dip into the book!