#2 Best seller on ‘Evangelism’ on Amazon UK November 3, 2009

“Who made God?” is selling well on-line on www.amazon.co.uk and is the #2 best-seller in the sub-category “\ religion and spirituality \ Christianity \ Evangelism”. In the higher category of “Christianity” it has varied between #16 and #37 in the best-selling list during the past three days (as I write). These ratings are continually revised and seem to depend on recent sales over a very short period of time; hence the yo-yo effect!

But I’m pleased that Amazon decided to locate the book under ‘Christian Evangelism’ because this emphasizes that it has been written for the person-in-the-street and seeks to neutralise some of the aggressive atheism of Richard Dawkins and his friends — while crucially also setting out a positive Bible-based theism as a far more convincing alternative to the barren landscape of materialism. One problem with the many excellent anti-atheism books that have been published in recent months and years is that none of them seem to engage the atheists with biblical argument, but choose instead to fight the battle on purely philosophical grounds. This can be very effective in a way but it’s basically negative and doesn’t offer an alternative world-view to that of the highly-publicised atheism of Dawkins and Co.